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RE: Serial Port Monitoring


I think what Neil means is: 
anyone knows a program that behaves just like tcpdump but for serial ports?
Specifically he needs one that timestamps its output.


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> > Has anyone got any software that can monitor all data  from a serial
> > port?
> > 
>         I am not sure it this would help but.
>         If you do (you might have to be root)
>         $ cat /dev/ttyS0

MINICOM(1)                                                          MINICOM(1)

       minicom - friendly serial communication program

       minicom [-somMlwz8] [-c on|off] [-S script] [-d entry]
               [-a on|off] [-t term] [-p pty] [-C capturefile] [configuration]

       minicom is a communication program which somewhat resembles the  share-
       ware  program  TELIX  but  is free with source code and runs under most
       unices.  Features include dialing directory with  auto-redial,  support
       for UUCP-style lock files on serial devices, a seperate script language
       interpreter, capture to file, multiple users with individual configura-
       tions, and more.
(more good man stuff snipped)


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