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Samsung 910T monitor setup during installation


	I'm trying to install FC2. I notice that my monitor, a Samsung MultiSync 910T, is not on the large list of supported monitors. There was a few Samsung 910's listed so I tried each one including typing in the horizontal and vertical sync rates when asked. After installation and the reboot all I get is a noise pattern on the screen and the machine hangs.

	After the initial install I've been using the update mode from the installation CD. Does the update mode not actually change the monitor type? If it didn't I guess I would have to reinstall to try different monitor types! I'm sure that wouldn't be necessary but could someone tell me how I could do that? 

	I understand this monitor communicates back to the graphics card ( which BTW is auto-recognized ), does that mean I have to be very specific about the type?

	Thanks beforehand to anyone for help!


James Kane

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