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Re: cant mount drive

> I have an internal IDE CDRW.

Alright there might still be hope there!

> cat /proc/ide/hdc/* > hdc.info
> -bash: hdc.info: No such file or directory

Did you try the command exactly as it is this little '>' between the
'*' and hdc.info is very crutial. It tells bash to redirect all the
output of the 'cat' command to the file ./hdc.info (where './' means
your current directory). So after running the command as root this
file should be created!

> so i went into proc/ide/hdc and these were the contents
> capacity  driver  identify  media  model  settings

I want the contents of those files. So either you do a manual 'cat
capacity' and 'cat identify' can 'cat media' and 'cat model' etc etc
etc or you give the above command
that will expand to exactly that!

So to recapitulate if your drive is internal what to you have on USB?
Apparently the 'sg' module and 'scsi_mod' treat that something as a
SCSI storage device.

So after posting the above post the result of 

ls -l /dev/cdrom

so I can see where your /dev/cdrom points to.


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