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Re: Problem with downloading FC3t3

Sharon Kimble wrote:
I've just spent about 18 hours downloading the Fedora Core 3 test 3 DVD using wget, and its just died on me when it reached a file size of 2gb with an error message of 'File size limit exceeded'.

How can I get round this please so that I can get the DVD and test FC3?


There are a number of ways to successfully download the DVD iso including bittorrent. But ever since being pointed to the script at http://www.iruntheinter.net/files/misc/mkdvd-1.0 I seriously question why anyone would even *want* to download a DVD! You can download the CD iso files and use this shell script to create your own DVD iso. One advantage that comes to mind immediately is that you can check the MD5 sums of smaller chunks of data.

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