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Ghost ideas/thoughts please


Following up from my "Drive Upgrade questions" post:

I finally installed my new SATA drive and with a bit work I can see the 
drive with "dmesg". It was just a case of probing the correct driver and 
adding it to my rc.local, the Drive is seen as a SCSI (sda)
I guess thats what I get for running a custom kernel (a bit more work to 
do) :)

I have followed the threads on "ghosting" a drive but I dont feel very 
comfortable just yet trying it, the plan of action is ghost my working fC2 
system (hda) to the new SATA drive (sda) and Boot from the SATA drive.

The plan of action is to boot up from the FC2 CD in rescue mode and use DD, 
and issue this command:

dd if=/dev/hda of/dev/hde

BTW I can't see and "switch" in DD that will show me progress of the 
NOTE that the SATA shows as "hde" when I booted in rescue mode with the FC2 
I guess then some work/changes maybe required in Grub once I set my BIOS to 
boot from the SATA drive?

How does this look or would it be easier/safer to try another method, I 
have heard of "Spinrite"? being mentioned but have yet to look that one up, 
anyone had any expereince with Spinrite..


Fedora Core 2, Custom Built Kernel
Registered Linux user number 342953

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