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Re: Dual Head Video Cards

Most Excellent news:

I put the card in last night, and it works great.

First I saved the xorg.conf file, then using the system display settings
application, I went to the dual head tab and enabled dual head and
configured the second monitor, and selected the individual displays
mode. After exiting the system display settings application I edited
the xorg.conf file to make sure it was still using the prper settings for
the nVidia binary drivers {It changed to using "nv" rather than "nvidia"
and had enabled dri, which I disabled}. I logged out of the session and
gave X a three finger salute [CTRL-ALT-BKSPC], and when it
restarted I had two seperate desktops, with the second display to the right
of the first.

I did some testing and could watch movies with mplayer on either display
at the same time I was watching tvtime on the other display. I don't
remember if I tested running tvtime full screen on both displays, but
I did test it on the first display. The only "glitch" I came across was when
watching tvtime in full screen, then when you click the mouse in the
second display the panel pops up on the first display.

I would say that the ASUS V9180 VideoSuite works great as a dual head
display. It has two DVI ports, TV-Out and Video-In and come with two
DVI to VGA adapters and a cable for Video-in and TV-out. I have not
been able to get the Video-in to work under linux yet, but haven't tried
in the last 6 months either, and have never tried the TV-Out. The 3D
seems good with the binary driver, but since I don't play games I don't
know what to compare it to.

Happy Hunting.

Guy Fraser wrote:

I am going to put my dual output nVidia card back into my FC2
machine at home tonight. I have reinstalled the binary drivers last
night and can now use gnome again, may also be due to the gimp
update yesterday.

My 19" monitor started acting up a while ago, and I finally decided
to bite the bullet and got a 19" LCD, so I now have two displays.

If I get a chance to test TwinView, I'll report back tomorrow on my

Doug Stewart wrote:

Hash: SHA1

Aly Dharshi wrote:
| Hi Folks,
|     What sort of FC2 compatible dual head video cards would people on
| this list recommend.
|     Thanks stacks.
|     Cheers,
|     Aly.

nVidia GeForce 4 - multiple flavors
nVidia GeForce 5, errrm, FX - multiple flavors.

-- Guy Fraser

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