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RE: Samsung 910T monitor setup during installation

> Hey, Thanks Uttiya. I'll try ctrl-alt-F1. Might
> emergency mode from CD also work?

Emergency mode should not be necessary (assuming that
it is only a problem with frequencies) and would be

BTW, Also, try pressing ctrl-alt-(minus) to switch to
a lower resolution range and see if that works.

> Is the whole point of monitor selection just clock
> speeds ( refresh rates? )? 

Mostly. But also, if you have heard about subpixel
anti-aliasing (it is a technology that makes use of 
the fact that each pixel actually has three phosphor
dots - red - green - blue and sets the color of the
pixels to make letters look nicer), differnt monitors
have different positions of the red green and blue
subpixels and that information is also used.

> I guess that would make
> sense because the card would handle everything else
> like OpenGL, but what about this 2-way PnP type
> communication?

That also exists. The software can ask the monitor
and the monitor will give it's model number etc. 
I am not an expert on this though... just know the

> If the H and V clocks are described in docs as
> something like 35~75, what would I put in xorg.conf
> or XF86Config? I noticed in the pretty installation
> GUI, examples looked like 30-80. Is "~" different
> from "-"?

Well, to people, ~ and - mean the same, but in the
config file, you will have to use - of course, 
because otherwise, the software won't understand it.
Be careful though... I have read before that if you 
use crazy sync numbers, then the monitor may catch 
fire. I have never seen this happen, but people on 
the internet supposedly have. I have always succeeded
in getting X with tweaking with these syncs. 

> If all of this will be intuitive enough when I look
> at xorg.conf, 'nuff said. Thanks for helping guide
> me to the light switch in my darkened room, Uttiya.
> I'm tired of tripping over the furniture...

Good luck!

�ত�ত�� ��ধ�র� Uttiya Chowdhury

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