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RE: Thinkpad display

By running system-config-display, the Display Setting window provides 3
tab, Settings, Hardware and Dual head. Choose the Hardware, there is 
	Monitor Type: Unprobed Monitor 
	Video Card: ATI RAdeon Mobility 7500
Click the button Configure for Monitor Type; Select the Generic LCD
Display, but the OK button is still grayed out. It seems no way to make
it LCD mode.


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On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Gu, John A. (US SSA) wrote:

> My IBM T40 Thinkpad can only display up to 800x600. What should it
> be done in order to display 1024x768?

- run system-config-display 
- choose 'display' tab
- change monitor to LCD ->  1024x768
- go back to the initial tab and now change the resolution to 1024x768

Now restart the x-server (or reboot)


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