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Re: Best MTA & AV & SF combination.

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 13:21, Fedora Development and Support wrote:
> Hi List
> It's probably more by personal choice than technical prowess, but
> what's the most highly rated, robust POP3/IMAP MTA & antivirus & spam
> filtering combination for virtual hosting of many domains on an FC2
> server?
> Dovecot is simpler, but seems a bit light weight.
> Thanks in advance.

Your going to get a lot of different answers to that question.  :)

I have used sendmail for some time and because of that experience would
probably choose it over the others.  The other MTAs available are
probably just as good.  I suspect integration of optional tools may be
easier with some but adding milters to sendmail is not that difficult.  

For anti-spam I would recommend a combination of spamassassin and
greylisting.  Spamassassin does and excellent job of tagging spam and
once you have bayes trained it does not miss many and I have found false
positives to be virtually non-existent after the first couple of months
of training.  Greylisting options should be available for all of the
major MTAs.  That alone will block 98 or 99% of spam with the added
benefit that you don't have to process the body of the spam messages. 
Prior to implementing greylisting I found my mail server would
occasionally be swamped by incoming spam.  It would eventually dig its
way out but it ran hard for a while.

clamav is suppose to be pretty good for virus detection.  But don't
forget to implement virus checking on your windows desktops and laptops
in addition to scanning on the server.

Either of the pop3/imap packages that currently ship with FC2 should be
fine.  Although I understand Cyrus probably has a few more options.

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then
you clearly don't understand the situation. 

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