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Re: Ghost ideas/thoughts please

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 08:29, Colin J Thomson wrote:
> Hi,
> Following up from my "Drive Upgrade questions" post:
> I finally installed my new SATA drive and with a bit work I can see the 
> drive with "dmesg". It was just a case of probing the correct driver and 
> adding it to my rc.local, the Drive is seen as a SCSI (sda)
> I guess thats what I get for running a custom kernel (a bit more work to 
> do) :)
> I have followed the threads on "ghosting" a drive but I dont feel very 
> comfortable just yet trying it, the plan of action is ghost my working fC2 
> system (hda) to the new SATA drive (sda) and Boot from the SATA drive.
> The plan of action is to boot up from the FC2 CD in rescue mode and use DD, 
> and issue this command:
> dd if=/dev/hda of/dev/hde

This is NOT a good plan.
The copy will have the exact same partition table/geometry/labels/etc as
the original.  It will likely damage the destination drive unless the
destination is exactly the same as the original ( make/model/ CHS/etc.)

You can create the partitons on the new drive then copy data over, or
use  g4u to do what you want.

for info see http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/

> BTW I can't see and "switch" in DD that will show me progress of the 
> copying,
> NOTE that the SATA shows as "hde" when I booted in rescue mode with the FC2 
> CD's.. 
> I guess then some work/changes maybe required in Grub once I set my BIOS to 
> boot from the SATA drive?
> How does this look or would it be easier/safer to try another method, I 
> have heard of "Spinrite"? being mentioned but have yet to look that one up, 
> anyone had any expereince with Spinrite..
> Cheers,
> Colin
> -- 
> Fedora Core 2, Custom Built Kernel
> KDE-Redhat-3.3.1-0.1.2.kde
> Registered Linux user number 342953

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