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Re: Mouse

Littleguru wrote:
> My mouse suddenly stoped working and now , my bos is not working with any
> other mouse ,what is this ? I had the same problem before when I wanted 
> to change my
> mouse , is linux working with onlt mouse that it recognized at the 
> installation time ?
> i run setup to config the mouse , but no success .

Hi. It looks like English is not your first language. If you do not
understand anything, please ask.

I don't understand the word "bos". Do you mean "box", and does that mean
your computer?

As far as your mice are concerned, what sort of mice have you been
trying? How do they connect to your computer: are they serial, PS/2, or

Have you tried your first mouse with any other computer?

Do you have a KVM switch, or a USB hub that the mouse is plugged into?
Or is the mouse plugged directly into the computer?

Which version of Fedora are you running? If it's Fedora Core 2, what
happens if you run system-config-mouse?

Hope this helps,

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