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Re: Change the host name

I believe you should run system-config-network (or select "Network" in
"System Settings" in order to change host names.

But I also would like to know why fully qualified domain names do not
get set in one place, and for that matter, do not get set during
installation. Even *Debian* manages to set host and domain names during
installation (well, when installing their testing branch, anyway). Why
can't Fedora? Sorry, but for those of us who run more than one computer
on a network, "localhost.localdomain" doesn't cut it anymore, if it ever


On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 22:55, Daniel Harrison wrote:
> Hi there,
> i've set up my box with the the name "hector", however recenetly i
> aquired a domain name, what i want to do is set the host name to be
> the fully qualified domain name hector.domain.name
> Surely this should be located in one place however it seems inapparant
> to me, where do i change this name?
> Cheers,
> Dan
> -- 
> Daniel Harrison
> Hobart, Australia

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