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Re: Apt repos of fc3 test3 (yum is too slow)

On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 01:10 -0500, Mike Perry wrote:
> Do any apt repositories exist for core 3 test 3 yet? 

Development repos are always the latest test release

> Also, could somebody please tell me why it is that yum was selected
> for the default package upgrade mechanism? I would have expected there
> to have been many flame wars on this, but searching google only
> reveals a few offhand remarks.

	AFAIK yum is not the default, but it is included with FC along with 
up2date.  Up2date has the advantage of being able to use yum repos, apt
repos or redhat archives (not sure there is a redhat specific come to
think about it).

	The basic reason for the success of yum is that all the repos set
themselves up with it.  Maybe it was easier, maybe they didn't find apt,
but even now all mirrors that I know of are yum.  There are of course
some great apt repos.

> It seems to me if any kind of speed is desired, yum is broken by
> design. Keeping each package header in a separate file prevents TCP
> slow start from ever reaching the bandwidth of your link since a new
> connection must be established for each file. Hence a yum update can
> take ages, even on extremely fast internet connections.

yum is now much faster and more easily configured.  There is a new XML
data format that quickly loads the header info and the time for
dependency checking is greatly reduced.   

> Is it possible for yum to download all headers in a single archive
> file to speed things up? 

If you want apt to succeed in fedora, you'll have to get some official
mirrors. (IMHO)

> -- 
> Mike Perry
> Mad Computer Scientist
> fscked.org evil labs


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