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RE: Raid or LVM

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 08:39 -0500, Will McCorkle wrote:
> Thank everyone that responded. Kevin I was more looking at a way to add
> more disk space as my company grows. We presently use around 400gb of
> space to store the files we need to keep on hand. I for see in the
> future use as much as a terabyte or the next year. The issue is that LVM
> only allows 256 and raid would do fine if I put all of the disks in at
> once. My company would rather buy as we need and add later. Veritas
> Volume manager will work, but I was looking for some cheaper options.
> Thanks again.
> Will

Howdie howdie howdie.

Just curious about your 255GB limit on LVM groups. This limit as far as
I can see is for LVM1, which is not used in the 2.6 Kernel/ Fedora Core
2 and above.

Just to quote...

What is the maximum size of logical volumes?
It depends on which version of LVM you are using. If you are 

using LVM1, then there is a 255G limit on LV sizes (this is based on PE
size). If you use the 
LVM2 metadata format, then you are limited only by disk space and the
maximum size that your kernel supports. If you create PVs in LVM1 format
and then migrate to LVM2, then you will still be limited to 255G, unless
you remake your VGs and LVs with the LVM2 tools. If you made a VG with
LVM1, or if you created it with the -M1 flag to vgcreate in LVM2, then
you have an upper limit which is imposed by the format1 metadata.

From rom http://deb.riseup.net/storage/lvm2/

Is the Fedora release different?
Douglas Furlong
Systems Administrator
T: 0870 420 4475        F: 0870 220 2178

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