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Re: KDE occupies GDM [SOLVED]

Andre Costa wrote:
On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 16:54:29 +0200
"Mostafa Z. Afgani" <mostafa afgani world iu-bremen de> wrote:

Markus Huber wrote:

Just solved it with a little help from:

There was an old .Xclients in the home-directory which forced to
overwrite the default settings. After deleting it everything went


I have a problem with the graphical login screen. I upgraded to KDE 3.3 using the kde-redhat rpms. After that I ran the KDE Kontrol Center and just had a look through the login option as a non-root user and even chose to Discard changes on exit. But on reboot the login screen is no longer the Default FC2 configurable through the GNOME menu. I tried to reconfigure it from GNOME but had no luck. Any ideas anyone?

Hi Mostafa,

check /etc/sysconfig/desktop and see if this is set:


if it is, change it to


and maybe your problems will go away.



Hello Andre,

DISPLAYMANAGER was indeed set to KDE but even after I changed it to GNOME it didn't help :(.


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