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RE: ghosted - 80gb to 36gb

I have done almost the same, ghosted to CD-Rs and then restored to a new
disk, had to boot on the rescue disk and chroot as below and run
grub-install, if you read the Norton site, ghost 2003 does not handle grub,
I think ghost 2004 was supposed to handle grub.

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On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, david wrote:

> hi all
> i have ghosted fedora two from an 80gb to a 36gb with nortons 2003
> ghost. all seemed to be ok in the ghosting, i saw it partition then
> transfer the data recognising it as linux
> problem is that when i boot now the 36gb all that comes on the screen in
> capital letters is GRUB
> nothing else happens
> ok please be kind and slow down in your explaining how to fix the drive
> to boot successfully, i dont know much

Assuming the filesystem is fine, I suspect GRUB's just got a bit annoyed
bits of itself have moved.  Boot off the CD in rescue mode, chroot
/mnt/sysimage (or wherever it puts it now), and run grub-install /dev/hda or
wherever your booted disk is, and it should spring back to life.



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