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PIE/selinux security question.

Hi 1
 Acording to PIE randomization and to the fact that in FC1/FC2 especialy 
upcoming FC3 have all network daemons builded with PIE and acording to fact 
that in FC3 we now have ready made targeted+enforced policy for daemons, what 
posibility is still left if supose i dont use any updates for years for 
daemons to remote exploit it ?
 I am not an intrinsyc glibc/kernel system knowledger, readed about PIE but 
still need an strong advice that PIE+selinux can bring an unexploitable 
system without requiring updates or track security list for posible 
vulnerabilities in time.

 Can comment someone on this ? I would like to hear something positive 
experience from admins on this list with these facilities, especialy how calm 
can i sleep in the night dont bothering about updates and other sec. isues.

Are realy these facilities something like OpenBSD slogan: "Only one remote 
hole in 7 years"

Thanks in advance.


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