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Re: ghosted - 80gb to 36gb

Below is a web link that I used. 
On my system, you boot from the rescue floppy, and change to the 
/boot/grub directory and do the root (hd0,1) and setup(hd0). On my 
machine, it is (hd0,5). Then it works fine.


To make the destination computer bootable, run the Linux GRUB boot loader utility to reinstall the boot loader:

   1. Start the computer from the Linux rescue disk.
   2. Log in as "root" (without the quote marks).
   3. Run the GRUB boot loader. This displays the GRUB prompt, grub>
   4. Type:

      find /boot/grub/stage1

      This will prompt GRUB to display the location of the GRUB boot files. For instance, GRUB might display (hd0,1) where hd0 represents the first hard drive in the computer (either IDE or SCSI) and the ",1" represents the partition where the /boot/grub/stage1 file is located. In this example, the stage1 file is located on the second partition of the first hard drive (where drive and partition numbering start at 0).
   5. Type the word root, followed by the location of the file from the previous step:

      root (hd0,1)

      The file location, (hd0,1) may be different on your computer.
   6. Type:

      setup (hd0)

      This will write the boot loader to the Master Boot Record on the first hard drive on the computer.

The GRUB boot loader should now be properly re-installed, and you should be able to restart the computer from the hard drive.

On 14 Oct 2004 at 20:35, david wrote:

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Subject:        	ghosted - 80gb to 36gb
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> hi all
> i have ghosted fedora two from an 80gb to a 36gb with nortons 2003
> ghost. all seemed to be ok in the ghosting, i saw it partition then
> transfer the data recognising it as linux
> problem is that when i boot now the 36gb all that comes on the screen in
> capital letters is GRUB
> nothing else happens
> ok please be kind and slow down in your explaining how to fix the drive
> to boot successfully, i dont know much
> thanks
> david
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