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Re: firefox update problems with FC2

Well, that worked for getting Sage on my root Firefox,
but not for any other user's Firefox. And since I
generally log in as a user, rather than root, I still
can't use Sage or any other extension.

--- Matthew Saltzman <mjs ces clemson edu> wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, joshua neff wrote:
> > I've tried adding themes and extensions
> (especially my
> > favorite, Sage) to Firefox PR, but the update
> screen
> > just hangs there, blank, and doesn't actually
> install
> > the updates. My Firefox is authorized to accept
> > updates from Mozilla, but it just hangs there. Has
> > anyone else had this problem? What can I do about
> it?
> I think I saw a reference to this in Bugzilla.  If
> it's the same thing,
> the problem is that Firefox want's to install the
> plugins to a system
> directory (/usr/lib/firefox/...) but you don't have
> write permission.
> Firefox could--but for some reason does not
> yet--store them in ~/.mozilla.
> The temporary workaround is to do the additions as
> root.
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