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FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

Answer not needed, I'm keenly aware of the politics behind this.

But I'd forgotten about this "issue" and spent my time trying out what I though must be a viable distro...

But since it didnt detect my DGE-530 NIC, and the drivers that Dlink kindly provides need to be compiled, I'm SCREWED by the politics because a bunch of headers and fundamantal-to-any-Linux kernel source is not installed. Thats right, the most rudimentary component of the system besides the kernel itslef, not placed in /usr/src/linux. Flame*Nuclear.

And it doesnt exist as an option under the add-remove app's so called.. but FAR FROM complete.. "developent tools" section either.

Be giving Suse, Mandrake, etc another look. No time for Redhat games.

-PS anyone who wants to waste keytrokes telling me that *I* should research some Redhat specific way of getting the kernel - even if its obtusely hidden on a disk... dont bother.

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