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Re: (no subject)

On Friday 15 October 2004 04:20, Joshua Guina wrote:
>Hi there, Thank you all for the good work you are doing. However, I
> have a problem with my network.
>I am using squid to access the the internet with other users on a
> small network of  upto 20 computers. ButSince i started using
> fedora, access to the web has been a little slower. Secondly, As of
> now I am experiencing slower web connections which grinds to a halt
> in the afternoon. I have notice an IP sddress on my network
> which is strange. Other users on the network
> experience the same. The server simply hangs up and becomes slow
> sometimes.
>I am new to linux but i am still learning the o/s and having short
> live fun. Could someone help?
By itself, there is nothing wrong with such an address.  But if its 
not in your local /etc/hosts file, I'd sure trace it down if you have 
to go around to every machine and do an ifconfig to find the machine 
useing it. And if its legit, add it to your /etc/hosts file to speed 
up the lookups.  If not, take the offending machine down and fix it.

You do have a firewall such as iptables setup to NAT and MASQERADE the 
users I assume.

Things grinding to a halt in mid-afternoon sounds like the pipe to the 
net is being filled up with something.  Running etherape on a machine 
that can see the whole local network might be educational.

>Always a Pleasure to be in-touch.
>Joshua Mugeziaubwa Guina
>Research Management Information Office-MEPU
>256-041-320341(office) ext 113
>P.O.BOX 295 Entebbe,Uganda.
>Don't just search. Find. Check out the new MSN Search!

Cheers, Gene
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