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Re: (no subject)

Joshua Guina wrote:
> I am using squid to access the the internet with other users on a small 
> network of  upto 20 computers. ButSince i started using fedora, access to 
> the web has been a little slower.

Hi. I'm having trouble picturing your set-up. You've got a "server"
running Squid. Is that running Fedora? You've got up to 20 other
computers: presumably they aren't running squid themselves, but just
using Squid on the "server" as their web proxy. How many of them are
running Fedora? Are you having slow-downs from all the machines, or just

> Secondly, As of now I am experiencing 
> slower web connections which grinds to a halt in the afternoon. I have 
> notice an IP sddress on my network which is strange. Other 
> users on the network experience the same. The server simply hangs up and 
> becomes slow sometimes.

Try, from the server with the Internet connection, the command
traceroute www.bbc.co.uk
(or whichever site is causing problems. You *don't* want to use the
http:// stuff).
You will probably get a few lines of "* * *": that's unfortunate, but
can't be helped. What you're interested in is the round trip times,
measured in milliseconds.

For example, for me, I get
 9  www31.thdo.bbc.co.uk (  23.727 ms  23.434 ms  23.963 ms

That's a fairly good round-trip time, and shows little congestion. If
you have figures of much over 300 ms there, then what you need to do is
see where the figures start shooting up.

If the figures are high even getting to your ISP's network, then it's
probably your connection that's the problem. Otherwise, you should be
able to see where the congestion begins. Do remember that it will take a
while for packets to cross the Atlantic, for example.

Hope this helps,


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