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Re: Why would my server be swapping... (thinking about a new subject line)

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 13:18:47 +0100, James Wilkinson
<james westexe demon co uk> wrote:
> Wouter van Vliet wrote:
> > `ps wfaux` tells shows me 20 procs with the "/usr/sbin/-e" command,
> > hanging under root's httpd each consuming 4.4% mem (abt 30MB). And the
> > same amount of postgres procs, each with 1.1% (just over 10MB). What
> > whould this /usr/sbin/-e command be?
> Good question.
> Googling for it is difficult, but it did come up with
> http://www.apache-httpd.com/msg/9491.html , which suggests
> > This was a bug in versions of mod_perl older than 1.99_14, I believe.
> > Have you tried upgrading to the latest mod_perl?
> Note that the current available mod_perl in FC2 is 1.99_12, so it may
> not have this fix.
> > (hmm, drifting off from the swapping thing; you guys think I should
> > take this over to the Apache or ModPerl mailinglist or would anyone
> > around here know some cool techniques to find leaks in Perl code?)
> Well, I wouldn't know any such techniques. I'd ask elsewhere (but keep
> an eye on this thread in case anyone jumps in).

Yeah, googling for the problem is quite hard. I've done some googling,
of course .. but didn't find any results. Anyway, what you found seems
like something I should be doing. Only ... awww that would mean I'd
have to recompile apache, mod_perl, any modules and lose the
consitency and ease that comes with yum... hmm, ... right?

Or join in to the Development yum repository, .. if there is such a
thing. Anybody happens to know the entries for yum.conf I'd need for


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