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RE: mozilla


Sorry for the confusion. Below is the url I have the trouble with. By
clicking the top line LATEST-IS-21.4.15, the Mozilla gives me a blank



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Gu, John A. (US SSA) wrote:
> Alex,
> 1. I never used yum/apt/etc to get xemacs and I don't know how to.

Okay, maight be a good day/time to start with. Let me know if
you would like to, and I"ll send you my yum.conf off list...

> 2. The URL is: http://www.xemacs.org. And I take the stable version
> 21.4.15.

You made my day ;-)
Well, I was sure you wanted to download it from the official website,
but I wanted you to post the URL of the site you have trouble with.
If you go to http://www.xemacs.org, and you click on download, you can
choose a place where you want to download the stuff. Just copy & paste
the URL from your browser window.

> Thanks,

You're welcome :-)

> John


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