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Re: start-stop-daemon not found

Am Fr, den 15.10.2004 schrieb Edwin Dicker um 15:52:

> I'm installing and trying to run a script which analyses iptablelogs. ( someone posted this link this week : www.gege.org/iptables )
> I've come to the point where I should be able to start the iptablelog script which contains the following command :
> case $1 in
> start)
>       echo -n "Starting $LONGNAME: ";
>       start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --pidfile /var/run/$NAME.pid --exec $DAE
> MON -- --background
>       echo $NAME;
>         ;;

This is IMHO a Debian style init script part.

> Should there be a start-stop-daemon file somewhere on the system ?? In which Package ?

Have a look at Fedora init scripts: what Fedora uses is "daemon" which
is a function defined in /etc/init.d/functions. So adjust the code you
found in your iptables log analyzer source. 

> Edwin


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