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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

On or about 2004-10-15 10:17, John Hodrien whipped out a trusty #2 pencil and scribbled:

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Tom Yates wrote:

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Ken Johanson wrote:

But since it didnt detect my DGE-530 NIC, and the drivers that Dlink kindly provides need to be compiled, I'm SCREWED by the politics because a bunch of headers and fundamantal-to-any-Linux kernel source is not installed. Thats right, the most rudimentary component of the system besides the kernel itslef, not placed in /usr/src/linux. Flame*Nuclear.

i'm sorry if this is a really dim question, but in what sense is the kernel source not available? i have the kernel-source package installed, and it's stuck about a quarter of a gig of files under /usr/src/linux-2.6.5-1.358. they look a lot like the source of such kernels as i've built recently.

am i completely missing some important point? is this not the kernel source?

No, AFAIK you're missing nothing. The kernel source is provided, and he's
just having a big rant about nothing.

Dim questions are usually the ones that are worth asking...


The OP never did mention which version of Fedora he was talking about, or how he got it.

However, I just installed FC 3 test 3, checked the "everything" box, and there are no kernel sources I can find. Up2date offered a new kernel, but did not offer kernel sources. So I dunno, but of course it *is* a test version.

My FC2 is dual-booted on this machine, and I'm sure it has kernel sources, but I'm not sure whether they installed with "everything" or if I picked them up later with apt.

In either case, it *might* be that the OP has a valid point, perhaps someone should check. Does just checking "software development" or whatever boxes on installation install the kernel source? Having it available by yum or apt is a catch-22 if you need them to get your NIC working....

Fritz Whittington
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