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Re: make modules_install : unknown symbols

Am Fr, den 15.10.2004 schrieb John Francis Lee um 12:56:

> I decided to try with the distributed kernel source... and I got the
> same response. This was with the source and config distributed by redhat
> and presently running the machine! 

Then you repeat the same fault over and over. Did you ever successfully
compile a kernel on Linux? I mean in general. So to know whether you
know what you are doing.

> So then I decided to delete a lot of modules, which I did bottom up as
> you suggested. Extremely tedious. I had assumed that unchecking ISDN,
> for instance, would have kept all the modules below ISDN from being
> compiled. But I unchecked everything below ISDN by hand as you
> suggested. And so on.

If you deselect a global section like ISDN in total, it is safe to do so
without unchecking each ISDN module separately.

> I got the same result again. I have a list of 1193 unique unknown
> symbols from make modules_install!

Do you have a sane FC2 system or did you exchange any part of the
development tools? I believe to remember that you fiddled around with
the sources of the modutils.

> I don't understand it. And /lib/modules/2.6.5-1.358custom/ is three
> times the size of the original!

Because the modules are not stripped and contain all the debug

> Any insight into what might be wrong here?

Not really. I did compile the 2.6 kernel more that 1 time on FC2 and had
not any of your difficulties.

> John Francis Lee <jfl robinlea com>


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