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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

Alexander said "Mount FC2 CD3"

Yes he did, and ended his comment in an inflammatory tone - without investigating or being aware-of the FC3 release candidate, and the reported plans to exclude the source from the install discs. He set himself up for that response by using the word 'investigating' and being rude.

You mounted "FC3 CD3" (presumably one of the test releases since FC3 does not yet exist)

For the FC3 source (which is off-topic for this list btw), you'd need the SRPM:


Sorry Paul - let me do looking and and find the test-specific mailing list. Sorry if I burdened anyone here for pointing out an arguable deficiency in a release due out in 2 weeks.

And hopefully anyone who has an problem while wanting to build custom kernels or module will catch this issue when they browse through the test 'list' and find my post about this, there... And most people wont need to build NIC modules, or build in SCSI or NTFS drivers, so should be able to get the source onto their machine form the site...

Do you sense a tad bit of sarcasm? I take the kernel very seriously - like I said, it *is* our constitution. Constitutions are lost if we dont fight to keep them intact.

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