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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

Don't feed the troll.

- The subject for this thread includes the word "FLAME" (with superfluous underscores).

- The original post cited "no need to respond", with an implicit promise to ignore (useful) replies.

- The substantive issue, lack of kernel source, has been definitively shown to be false. The complaint was based on facts not in evidence.

- References to the "correct" location for source (/usr/src/linux) are also contrary to facts in evidence (new standard from kernel.org).

- The OP's posts engaged in ad hominem remarks, such as accusing Red Hat (personnel) of "politics".

- Many replies have offered solutions to the putative problem. No word from the OP on whether these have helped him.

- Apparently the issue is relevant to FC3 (on a different discussion list). There are (controversial) workarounds available there as well.

My conclusions:
- Having kernel source is a potential issue for the upcoming (FC3) release.

- Workarounds exist for the issue, but the default setup has a rationale.

- Don't feed the troll.

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