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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

Thanks, ... ne..

This may be the first defensive reason for not including it that I've heard, I think. :-)

So now I'll re-chew what I'm sure other lists have already debated (why? because it matters):

1) Isn't it imperative - mission critical -- that kernel source be prominently included on the install discs, *since* kernel and modules compilations account for compilations far *far more* than any other one project? No other item's source is more likely to be needed on *every* users system, even by a longshot!!! What if I need to upgrade to SMP - should I download kernel*.rpm or 4*SRC.ISOs from redhat?? I'd be better to use kernel.org (but risk destabilizing a working system due to versioning/dependencies/redhat-isms), or to have the source already there. Need a scsi module or raid support in the image? Grab from redhat? Thats ludicrous, sorry to say. No prebuilt kernel will ever match a power users needs, so the orig source should be prominently included.

So my best options are(?):

	a) download from kernel.org (risk destabilize/versioning issues)
	b) search redhat for a prebuilt kernel that meets my specific needs
	c) search redhat for same-version kernel-source rpm, download.
	d) download 4 SRC ISOs to get guaranteed original build source rpm.

c) seems like the best option to me but is far from convenient.

2) I think I see enough room on the install discs to include the kernel rpm... so why not?

Marching on.. :-)


ne... wrote:
On Oct 15, 2004 at 11:51, Ken Johanson in a soothing rage wrote:

Well, if I am to believe others' (including Linus) claims about Redhat (and I am), then the reasons for not including the source with the installers are *at least* highly suspect - or a just a forgone conclusion - that there's a purposeful dumbing-down (weakening) or discouraging of the kernel open-ness and availability to power users, or perhaps discrepancies between the (open vs obfuscated) source, binaries, and dependencies). And interoperability is also suspect with Redhat.

Not including the source to the *kernel itself* is a really, really slippery slope.

And now for the most controversial view...

The kernel is only package I know off in the distribution that had
it's source included in the binary isos and the source isos. This
has now being rectified. All source can now be found in the source
isos. Some bloat has being removed from the binary isos. Now if only
we can get $MOST_HATED_RPM dropped from the distribution.


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