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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included


Lew Bloch wrote:
Don't feed the troll.

- The subject for this thread includes the word "FLAME" (with superfluous underscores).

- The original post cited "no need to respond", with an implicit promise to ignore (useful) replies.

Implicit. That means I can respond to anyone who says I'm wrong, espe when they appear to be :-)
- The substantive issue, lack of kernel source, has been definitively shown to be false. The complaint was based on facts not in evidence.

Wrong. Source is *no longer* being included in the install discs, relegating one to searching redhat's site or prior downloading of 4*650MB=2.6 Gigs or source RPMs

- References to the "correct" location for source (/usr/src/linux) are also contrary to facts in evidence (new standard from kernel.org).

A divergence from the point that the source is *not available* -- and even somehow refuting that legacy programs, training manuals, online FAQs, and user knowledge still do use that path.

- The OP's posts engaged in ad hominem remarks, such as accusing Red Hat (personnel) of "politics".
And so has Linus Torvalds. :-)

- Many replies have offered solutions to the putative problem. No word from the OP on whether these have helped him.
The replies (while appreciated and useful) are not the subject of this post - read it please - dont change the subject

- Apparently the issue is relevant to FC3 (on a different discussion list). There are (controversial) workarounds available there as well.
true - but FC3 is in release candidate status now (two weeks until release), and largely frozen. But theres still a change however small of resurrecting the source.

My conclusions: - Having kernel source is a potential issue for the upcoming (FC3) release.

- Workarounds exist for the issue, but the default setup has a rationale.

- Don't feed the troll.
Yes, fine advise :-)

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