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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

Jeff Vian wrote:

How can you possibly imply what Alexander is/is not aware of. Unless, of course, you are a mind reader.

Being rude is what you have been good at with this thread.  Including
calling one of the most helpful persons on this list a moron.

This list is for the released versions of Fedora, but from his posts I
believe he is very aware of the changes and upcoming release although it
is not yet ripe for inclusion in discussion here.

And it is documented that the kernel sources for FC3 will be on the
source disks and not in the binary distro.

That does not change the fact that they are included in the distro.

1) He stated flat out that they are included - in the next version they are not - if he was unsure about what version, he should have asked before making the "monkey" and strong "false claims" statement. So unless he intended for his slander to be taken personally, then he shouldn't either.

2) He NEVER should have started the *personally* directed slander - that begs for trouble, always.

I have zero remorse for firing back, and I *expect* that you too would do the same. Has the monkey been left out, well, you guess.

Reading this thread you'll see that I've refrained (with delight) from responding to a whole bunch off non-topic, childish personal insult posts. Where I draw the line however is being slandered *with* braisen assertions that I'm wrong, esp when I'm not.

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