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Re: DHCP question

Lonnie Cumberland wrote:

which can be placed in the config file for each client machine after which the daemon can be started, right?


Well, I am wondering how can client configurations be added/removed dynamically while the daemon is running and without causing a problem when many clients are involved.

First of all dhcp leases are not dependent upon maintaining a session with a dhcp server. The process of acquiring a lease, and later renewing it is a simple brief exchange between the client and server. And a client will attempt renewal several times before the lease expires, so a momentary failure should not cause the loss of a lease.

Because of this restarting a dhcp server is unlikely to impact anyone unless it serves a large number of clients with very short lease times.

By using the command:
service dhcpd restart
to restart the daemon it will include testing the configuration first, and not stopping and restarting unless the configuration is error free. This prevents a lengthier outage while you figure out your editing mistake.


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