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Re: Moving out Mac

On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 09:11, Colin Charles wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 13:37, Lotsa Cabo wrote:
> > The top things I would like to be able to do with FC2 that I can
> > dowith my PowerBook...
> Hope you're running Fedora on your Powerbook :)
> 	http://www.bytebot.net/geekdocs/ibook/fedorappc.html
> > I have a Sony T610 cell phone.  I use BlueTooth to sync my
> > calendar(iCal) and my Address Book on a daily basis.
> Works, with bluez, and if you install multisync, works with Evolution. I
> do this...
> > 2. IPOD & ITUNES
> > My 40GB iPod is almost filled to capacity with legit songs
> > fromiTunes.  It connects via FireWire.  ...
> gtkpod. Also, rhythmbox in FC3 rawhide seems to work too
> > 3. QUICKEN
> > I have looked at the "Cash" program ...
> GNUCash. Its lacking compared to MYOB, but hey, hack on it
> > This is a very cool third-party app that allows users to have"widgets"
> > hovering on their desktop to provide various functions. ...
> gdesklets
> > Okay, I know this is REALLY pushing it, but how about ProTools
> > andLogic. ...
> freshmeat.net has some stuff for you, I'm sure, so give it a search :)
> -- 

I just bought a powerbook and have not opened the box - still wondering
if I really want it (I got it at Educational Discount Rates - pt time
math teacher ;). I have 14 days to give it back.

I got it because I'm tired when I get home after a long day of
sysadmin-ing Suns, SGI, RH, W2K, switches, firewalls, etc etc etc also
teaching Math. 

So I'm thinking that the Mac might be the way to go. At least the 25 Mac
users at my job think so.

What I want to do when I get home....
I want to publish my math notes to the web and eventually through a 
publisher. So I need math formula capable s/w to help me do that. I'm
still not satisfied with the basic stuff I see in OOffice.

I am also in need of moving my book project to a Framemaker (old name)
like publisher's s/w.

I want to author a web site, publish music in Logic-like s/w, let my
son's play games and watch dvds...
I know fedora can do all of this. The question is how much set-up work
will it take?

Q: Should I choose to toss the powerbook back, what would be a good
proven fedora capable laptop that is well supported in the drivers

Q: Anyone have a similar dilema regarding these types of trade-offs?
If so what are your thoughts?



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