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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 15:21 -0600, Ken Johanson wrote:

> Reading this thread you'll see that I've refrained (with delight) from 
> responding to a whole bunch off non-topic, childish personal insult 
> posts. Where I draw the line however is being slandered *with* braisen 
> assertions that I'm wrong, esp when I'm not.

But you are.  It's been explained 8 ways from Sunday but you refuse to
acknowledge the facts.  You are chest thumping your opinion as The
Truth, and that's not how the community works.

Had you made a non-flaming, non-insulting case you might have been taken
seriously.  But you led with your chin and now are upset because your
bell got rung.

Might I suggest that you switch to decaf?  Really, Ken - isn't there
more important stuff you can get worked up over?
A: Because people read from top to bottom
Q: Why is top posting bad?

Thomas Cameron, RHCE, CNE, MCSE, MCT

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