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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

Ken, I'm sorry but you're being an idiot.

1)  The kernel source is not needed by the vast majority of the users.
That's a perfectly valid reason in and of itself not to include it.

You are *right*... but so is saying that the vast majority of the users wont need - half of the stuff thats put on a distro. Now where you and I draw the line on a package being needed may be different but it wont change, until schools stop teaching courses on how to build a custom kernel, or users needing special hardware builds or secuirty. And your position that they can get it from an external source is also right. But how convenient you see that will differ from what I perceive.

Rebuiling the kernel is more popular than ever, and needed with the build system changes (driver updates), and ever expanding array of hawrdware options.

2) It's source, hence there is perfectly valid logic in the argument that it should be available as a .src.rpm.

On a separate disc or download is what you're saying...

3) The kernel source *is* readily available by taking one small extra
step - installing the .src.rpm.

Thanks!!! Many thanks!!! But this has time and time again been pointed out, and not disagreed with by myself, though it wanders from the point of immediate availability.. Why are you interjecting what so many people have stated and I have never refuted???

Your analogy to the Constitution is
just plain silly.  Guess what?  Here in the US you are guaranteed
Constitutional protection but you are not promised a copy of the
Constitution.  You have to go download it, check it out at the library,
or buy a copy of it.  Similarly, there is nothing at all preventing you
from obtaining the kernel source with no more effort than it takes to
obtain a copy of the Constitution.

You know, this "bitching" that you describe wouldnt be here if it were always so easy to get the source. I'm convinced, you probably cant coudn't recite most the reasons that have been argued in favor of including the source on the installers, either because you're havent read the whole thread (I dont blame you) or find it easy to bitch-back and the side of the majority, who are being defensive of their distro (no blame there either). Either way, your opinion will differ from mine.

You're just bitching to bitch.  You have to take one silly extra step to
get the kernel source and you're overreacting to the perceived
inconvenience.  Get over it.


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