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Re: FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included

Am Sa, den 16.10.2004 schrieb Ken Johanson um 4:29:

> "The kernel source is no longer being included on the installer" and 
> "nor install program as an option"

We have got the point by now.

I have not yet written to this "FLAME____"-thread, but I do now, because
I am a bit annoyed by repeatedly reading the same thing. There is
already a new folder I have created where this discussion is dumped to
so that I can read the more useful postings in this list.

But I want to write about your suggestion.

- I have two fedora boxes
- I need the source-code for some modules
- I never had any problems to get the source-code
- I would like to have more apps in the binaries
- They are in 3rd-party-repos, but it would be nice to have them vanilla
- So I do not support your suggestion
- I am "just" a European Fedora user
- Fedora is by far the linux of my first choice

No, I do not bother to bring my points into full sentences and will not
repeat myself.


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