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Re: USB thumb drive possible addition to updfstab.conf.default?

On Sat, 2004-10-16 at 04:56 -0700, John McBride wrote:
> This msg regards a 2 gb. memorex traveldrive. Device is working fine in 
> FC2, but was not put into /etc/fstab automagically. O/S is fully 
> yum-updated fedora core 2.

OK 1st of all 2GB! color me jealous

> File:
> /etc/updfstab.conf.default
> Section:
>   device flash {
>      partition 1
> ...
> Addition:
> match   hd "Unknown Memorex TD 2B"

this should be the output of "ls /proc/scsi/scsi"
the section Model: (probably what you have, without "unknown")

after insertion, check dmesg to find out where it is assigned (i.e. sdX)

> (rmmod usb_storage and reinsert)

> Result: Works fine with usermount
> Two remaining questions:
> 1) Should any of this be reported to bugzilla?
> 2) Are there recommended options to extend the life of these devices? 
> For example, use a certain filesystem type or fstab settings to minimize 
> write cycles to any given location or area?
> Thanks,
> John

Just a little plug here.  If you intend to upgrade to FC3, I've found
that udev takes really good care of Hotplug devices such as these (now I
just need the same with my Zip drive).


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