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Re: USB CF Card Readers

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004, Temlakos wrote:

> On Sat, 2004-10-16 at 02:14, Mike Burger wrote:
> > The only way I know of is to pull the cord from the reader and then plug 
> > it back in.
> Well, I'm not sure that that does what I really want, which is that as
> soon as I plug the device in, it's mounted. Right now, first I plug the
> device in, and then I issue the mount command.
> So the next question is: Where do I find the document giving the full
> syntax of the file /etc/fstab? For example, what effect would I have by
> using "auto" instead of "noauto" as a flag?

In my experience, because:

A) The card reader doesn't send a signal that a card's been inserted (mine 
doesn't...in fact, it didn't even mount when I popped the cord out and 
back in...and I set "auto" on from "noauto", just to test).

B) Even with CDs, which often automount when the drive drawer closes, you 
can't "auto-unmount" because once a disc is and mounted, the drive is 
locked, so that the eject button doesn't even work.

I'm fairly sure putting the card in and running the command is the only 
way to go.

Mike Burger

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