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Re: any solution for romote login

Jorge Fábregas wrote:
> 4> Make sure you that you can go out in your office (to port 22 on your 
> machine). If your office has a firewall it may block outside connections. 
> There may be a web proxy in your work and thust the firewall only allows the 
> proxy to go outside...not the internal pc's..

The Original Poster should have a word with his IT department. In the
first place, many companies have policies that prohibit anything not
work-related, and anything other than outbound traffic from the proxy
and inbound or outbound e-mail is likely to trigger alerts. (Besides,
SSH can be used for tunnelling stuff and going around the corporate
firewall: this in itself should be enough to make a moderately paranoid
IT department suspicious).

In the second place, the firewall may not have outbound SSH configured
simply because no-one's asked for it (or it may only be enabled to
specific IP addresses).

In the third place, there may be be a few ports that are already open
for outbound traffic. This will depend on the network and requirements,
but if, for example, you know that you are allowed to use Remote Desktop
Protocol to servers on the Internet, then port 3389 might already be
open. In which case, simply configure the sshd server to listen on port
3389, and the IT department won't have to touch their firewall.

Hope this helps,


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