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noob questions

hi all

first of all i need to introduce myself a bit. not only am i a new user of Fedora Core 2, i am a newly converted linux user. (i'm sure there have been many windoze rants posted here so i won't add to them)

i have never had an easier install of any operating system, period. i got tired of ME's glitches.

my computer is a Toshiba Satellite 1730. (ya i know no extreme gaming for me)

ok now to the questions:
is there an online/downloadable .pdf for the Core 2 Fedora operating system? (it would definitely stop alot of my noob questions)

how do i install downloadable .rpm files?
i was following some directions pretty good to get Xine (i managed to download all the files) however when the directions mentioned that i must be in root i got lost. also what location must the files be loaded to so i may use the commands in the terminal?

i got loads more questions but don't want to flood the list just yet :)

thanks all

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