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Re: Patch for xorg ati driver ignored by Fedora

Timothy Murphy wrote:
X stopped working properly under FC2 on my Sony Picturebook (C1VFK) -
it was impossible to run with bpp greater than 8.

But I recently found that there is a tiny patch
which completely solves this problem at

I don't understand why this patch which is almost 6 months old
is not applied to recent xorg rpms
particularly as the bugzilla marks the problem as solved?

Did this error happen after the -5 to -9 version change to xorg-x11? Or was this a problem before the very latest upgrade for FC2?

I was surprised to see an upgrade for xorg-x11 for FC2. Anyway, the latest version for xorg-x11 is now xorg-x11-6.8.1-6 and the changelog's most recent date was October 12th. (development repo)

I checked the changelog, but no info regarding recent ati related changes was in the log.

Anyway, maybe filing a bug in Fedora bugzilla, which mentions to the freedesk.org patch and location, against FC2 might ensure the patch is applied to FC2.

Keeping X up and running is a bit messy for some of the open-source drivers lately. The i810 driver is a real challenge lately.


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