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Re: Anyone using network profiles?

Am So, den 17.10.2004 schrieb Timothy Murphy um 15:13:

> My setup is as follows:
> I have 2 Profiles, for home (Common) and college (TCD)
> I have 2 logical devices, both attached to the physical device eth0,
> which is a WiFi PCMCIA card.
> I call the devices eth0_home and eth0_college.
> So I want to turn off eth0_college in the Common profile,
> and I want to turn off eth0_home in the TCD profile.

You can only decide if the network device is turned on at boot time or
not. When you enable a boottime activation, every profile can use it.

To allow or disallow a user to turn the device on or off, you have to
disable the boot time activation.

These are - as I see it - the options you have. So your observation
seems to correct:

> Also, as I said, I have to restart the network now whenever I reboot,
> even though I stated that I wanted the Common profile to be activated
> when booting.
> (My suspicion is that the ifcfg_eth0 file is copied
> to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
> after the point where the device would be activated.
> But that is only an uneducated guess.)

Do you have "ONBOOT=yes"?

But if you can only guess, we all have just the crystal ball. Could you
post your config(s)?

> People have suggested I contact the Fedora-test list,

Hence you are running FC3t1 (as I remember), yes. I e.g. can only
provide infos about FC2. I do not have a test machine. If nothing has
changed, then these infos might apply.


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