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Re: problem with internet connection

Am So, den 17.10.2004 schrieb Zoni um 4:56:

> Yes you are right in RH9 before connecting to internet the file
> /ect/resolve.conf is empty but after connecting its entries are
> nameserver #kppp temp entry
> nameserver #kppp temp entry
> but in fedora the file is empty before connecting as in RH9 but after
> connecting the file still remain empty if I replace the fedora file with
> RH9 file internet works OK but after disconnecting the file
> automatically becomes empty and on connecting it remain empty (means I
> have to again replace the file) Please tell me what is the problem and
> how to solve it. and another problem is that evolution is not sending mail
> the error is

The bugzilla entry says it is fixed in rawhide.

> Error while 'Fetching Mail':
> Host lookup failed: unknown reason
> Error while performing operation:
> Host lookup failed: unknown reason

A DNS issue. Be sure you have set a proper hostname and that the
/etc/hosts file reflects that one. Too it is important that the
/etc/hosts file has the localhost line.

If you are unexperienced it might be best to check your configuration
using system-config-network.


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