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Digital camera woes


This will be my first post on the list asking for help, so hello

I have for the first time encountered a hardware problem I am unable to
solve on my own.  The digital camera in question is a Trust 750
Powerc m, which connects via USB and uses mass storage as far as I can
tell (it has a "mass storage" option in its connections menu).  As
opposed to PTP, I mean.

It doesn't appear to be officially supported by the gPhoto library,
unlike other offerings from Trust.  This wouldn't bother me as I would
just use the camera like any other USB mass storage device, following
the HOWTO at http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/USB-Digital-Camera-HOWTO/.  But I
can't get this to work.  The command on the script which is being
troublesome is 

/etc/rc.d/init.d/usb start

because there is no "usb" under my init.d directory.  I (sort of, half)
understand that Fedora comes with USB and SCSI support built in to the
kernel, if only because getting a USB scanner and a USB printer to work
did not pose these kinds of problems, and judging from lsmod.

I have to admit to being new to linux in general.  I love FC2 and up
till now have not had any problems whatsoever with hardware, but I'm
almost giving up on this (my flatmate has a Windows TM box I can use
while I'm fixing this which supports Trust's official drivers.)  I might
not have given you guys all the info you need, so just fire questions
back at me and I'll give you the answers.  Anything would help!


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