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Dual boot strategy

I've been running FC1 since June. It's been a good experience, and I've 
decided to install FC3 when it is released next month. Being somewhat chicken 
hearted, my thought is that it would be best to set up a dual boot FC1-FC3 
system that could be easily modified as future releases occur. My plan is to 
partition a 40 gb drive so that both the tried-and-true (FCn) and the 
latest-and-greatest (FCn+1) are available. Six months later, FCn would be 
replaced by FCn+2. Rinse and repeat.

My questions:

1. There were several threads in the archives concerning dual booting two 
versions of Fedora; my inclination is to use the method given in this post by 
Jim Cornette last May:
Any second thoughts, Jim?

2. About partitioning: What would be the downside of setting up a separate 
/home partition that can be accessed by either version? My thought is 
something like 10 gb for /home, 1 gb /swap, 100 mb for each /boot, and 12 gb 
for each /.

This is a simple single user home based system whose usage is largely surfing, 
email, and some Open Office stuff. No servers, no development, and no 
Windows. My next task is to upgrade from dialup to cable access, and then 
setting up a simple home network with my wife's Mandrake 9.1 PC; that should 
be accomplished prior to the release of FC3.

-- cmg

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