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Re: firefox update problems with FC2

You're absolutely right. I'm looking into it right

--- Gerald Thompson <geraldt telus net> wrote:

> joshua neff wrote:
> >What's odd (to me, anyway) is that I didn't have
> this
> >problem with Firefox in RH9. Extensions and themes
> >were as easy as on my WinXP notebook. But now I can
> >only add extensions and themes when I'm using
> root's
> >Firefox. Which is supremely frustrating.
> >
> >  
> >
> Did you submit all of this to Firefox bugzilla?  Its
> nice that you 
> posted to this list about your trouble, but it is
> way more important 
> that you submit it to the firefox dev team on
> mozilla.org.  This is 
> their baby and they are the ones that have to find
> the fix for it.
> Gerald
> geraldt telus net
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--joshua m. neff


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