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Preferred directory structure for shared multimedia files

I know this is a bit of "why on earth does it matter" question but these
are the sort of things that wind me up and up to the point that I'm
never happy with whatever solution I end up with...


I'm creating a central repository of music and pictures that I'll make
available over a wireless network within my home.

Predictably enough, instead of starting with a sensible practical issue,
the issue that's really getting to me is under what directory structure
to keep the repository?

Basically trying to follow FHS (http://www.pathname.com/fhs):

Currently its all under /opt/media so you'll understand my predicament.

/usr/share/multimedia: seems to fit best with the FHS

/media: my original top choice for a while but seems to be preferred to
/mnt in the FHS.

/multimedia: feels a bit prominent

After talking it through with myself will probably go with

Any thoughts? Anyone care?

Thanks for reading this far.


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