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Re: Digital camera woes

On Sun, 2004-10-17 at 17:38, Scott Anderson wrote:
> Hi,
> This will be my first post on the list asking for help, so hello
> everyone.
> I have for the first time encountered a hardware problem I am unable to
> solve on my own.  The digital camera in question is a Trust 750
> Powerc m, which connects via USB and uses mass storage as far as I can
> tell (it has a "mass storage" option in its connections menu).  As
> opposed to PTP, I mean.
> It doesn't appear to be officially supported by the gPhoto library,

If it is a mass storage device, it won't be supported by gPhoto. You
just need to mount a device to manipulate files.

> unlike other offerings from Trust.  This wouldn't bother me as I would
> just use the camera like any other USB mass storage device, following
> the HOWTO at http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/USB-Digital-Camera-HOWTO/.  But I
> can't get this to work.  The command on the script which is being
> troublesome is 
> /etc/rc.d/init.d/usb start

Probably these instructions are for another distro. This command is not
needed in FC.

> because there is no "usb" under my init.d directory.  I (sort of, half)
> understand that Fedora comes with USB and SCSI support built in to the
> kernel, if only because getting a USB scanner and a USB printer to work
> did not pose these kinds of problems, and judging from lsmod.

> I have to admit to being new to linux in general.  I love FC2 and up
> till now have not had any problems whatsoever with hardware, but I'm
> almost giving up on this (my flatmate has a Windows TM box I can use
> while I'm fixing this which supports Trust's official drivers.)  I might
> not have given you guys all the info you need, so just fire questions
> back at me and I'll give you the answers.  Anything would help!

After you insert the camera, use dmesg command to see what scsi device
was allocated and if there were any errors. Then just mount the device

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