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(Similar Problem)Re: Port forwarding and ssh


I have a similar problem, I can't ssh to the machine
at home, which is FC2, from work. The answer I got is
the host is unreachable. But I can ssh to the home
machine internally, I mean, by "ssh", I can
access to it, just a trick try. Can anybody help me
how to ssh to the home machine from work(outside)?
Sorry for not contributing any to the original
question. :-(


--- "Phillip T. George" <me PhillipGeorge com> wrote:

> Eric Tanguy wrote:
> >I have a simple adsl router and gateway on the
> configuration i can allow
> >to forward port 22 to a specific machine. But when
> i try to connect by
> >ssh the machine from outside i have this answer :
> ssh: connect to host
> >toto.homeip.net port 22: Connection refused. I
> disable the firewall to
> >make some tries but the same. Is there a special
> configuration for ssh
> >to allow this ?
> >Thanks
> >Eric
> >  
> >
> Eric,
> Can you ssh to it internally just fine?  If so, then
> it has to be a 
> problem on the router.  IF you cannot, then you may
> have a firewall 
> enabled on the linux box.  Let us know.
> -Phillip
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